What Do You Think?: The Secret of Selling the Negro Market [1954]

You wanna know what's more important than throwing away money at the strip club? Watching or reading valuable information about how goods and services were marketed to your community-- And in this case we're watching. In the 21 minute short film,  The Secret of Selling the Negro Market  which was produced in 1954 (also parts were featured in the 2016 film I Am Not Your Negro) , the viewer is taken through the psyche of the 1954 "Negro-American", as well as given tips and pointers as to how one could capitalize off of understanding this psyche.

For the culturally sensitive or racially dismissive folk out there, think of this as more of a sociological study or cultural P.S.A. After all the film was brought to you by The U.S. Department of Commerce, and was financed by Johnson Publishing Companywho produced such popular brands as Ebony, Jet, Hue, and Negro Digest. Surely a black owned company wouldn't team up with a government agency to help black people become better consumers, instead of better producers/manufacturers ? Stay Wo.... I almost said it lol.


We want to know: After watching the short film, what are your thoughts?