What Do You Think? Who's Responsible for Gentrification?

$ 3,500. That's the average apartment rental price in San Francisco. ( I wanted to add a joke here but honestly ain't shit funny about that price-tag).

Earlier this summer Vice News held a panel in Bushwick, Brooklyn on the nationwide hotbed issue of gentrification. In case you missed it, gentrification has been on the tips of many peoples tongues as cities such as New York City, Washington, DC, Detroit, and San Francisco are all experiencing rapid cultural, economic, and social change.

There are many different sides to the issue. Local residents are dismayed by the predatory cost of living and the lack of cultural and social respect which should undoubtedly extend to long- standing residents. Newcomers/gentrifiers state that they are simply wanting to live closer to their workplaces and have the means to do so, and local governments are responding that their cities are economically thriving like never before.  

We've heard it from all sides, now we want to hear from you: Who's responsible for gentrification and what if anything can be done about it?