#CONNECTID Intellectucool Kicks-Off New Web Series in South Africa

Intellectucool presents the #CONNECTID web series [Connected Identity]. 

It's amazing how we are all created with our own identity, our own set of fingerprints, our own talents, our own special "thing"... But what I've found to be even more of a phenomenon is how we can meet a new person from across town or even across the globe and connect within minutes as if we've known them for our entire life.  Sometimes all it takes to figure this out is a common interest like art, food, or music plus a little conversation. On the other hand, economic oppression, xenophobia, and racism can also bring us together. With the #CONNECTID series we are bringing all of the above to you. Stay Tuned as we kick off the first 4 episodes in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa with some very cool artist, musicians, creatives and "doers". 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW EPISODE 1 WITH JENNIFER JOHNS: From California to Cape Town, South Africa

I hope to inspire you with candid discussion with "doers" who are living out their purpose as well as some personal insight. The inspiration behind the series comes from all of the people that I've met traveling as well as those I've met at a home and how those experiences continue to shape the world around me.